April 23, 2024

Rooting Services

Why Hire Rooting Services Los Angeles for Home or Business?

Are you having problems with your plumbing or other services in your home, and you have been told you need a rooting service? This does not refer to data recovery with computers, but does solve home services issues you may not have realized are connected. For instance, many property owners are unaware that one of the main problems they are having with utilities is due to an excessive amount of roots building up in an underground pipe. This means your toilets, sinks, drains or other plumbing may need serious rooting and no other repairs. In many ways, rooting can save you thousands of dollars on repairs that do not get the issue resolved because this rooting is the bottom-line problem. To learn more, check out our detailed outline of how rooting affects your home or business.

Who performs rooting services?

There may be other contracting specialists that will say you need to hire someone to do a rooting service, but you may not be aware about which types of businesses do this service. In particular, you will find that highly-trained plumbers will provide rooting services. Part of the reason is due to the fact that this industry already has access to many pieces of equipment related to clearing pipes. In this case, the debris that is clogging the pipes just so happens to be roots.

How do roots get in pipes and cause so many problems?

All plants use their roots to find water, but they are also looking for nutrients. In their quest to find what they need to survive, they may have to dig deep. This is especially true in more arid environments such as Los Angeles. Unfortunately, if you have small cracks in your pipes or have pipe joints that have loosen, long roots may take over. In some cases, the growth is slow, and it can be several years before you notice that something is not quite right with how your toilet flushes, sink drains, or the amount of water that you get coming through your public utility pipes. Sometimes, the object that is blocking your pipes is roots. While smaller root masses may not block your pipes, some blockages are as long as 15-feet in length. Unlike other types of blockages, roots require special handling because they often get wrapped up in other types of equipment, or they do not disintegrate easily with normal pressurized water techniques used by sewer pipe contractors.

How a rooting service operates

When you hire plumbers to come and fix your rooting issues, they will use specialized equipment that specifically targets masses of biological material. For instance, they will use fiber optic ropes to specifically target the areas of the blockages, and we will be able to view on a laptop computer what exactly is blocking your pipes. Some of the other tools for the job will involve using chemicals to soften the root material. When the pipes are unblocked, the roots are vacuum out of your pipes. All of these techniques and chemicals are safe for landscape, children, wildlife, pets and other people that access your property. The end result will be having your drains and water intake pipes free of the roots that clog them.

The downside of rooting services

Do you have a very old tree in your yard that has been treasured for generations? Alternatively, perhaps you have a beautiful hedge of rose bushes that frame the edge of your property. Sadly, there may be serious damages done to the roots once the pipes are cleared. If you have expensive gardening or landscaping around your home, the best idea is to contact a professional landscaper to let them know you are about to have rooting done to your property. They will give you the best advice, and they may be able to visit your property to assess of any damage will be done to landscaping plants, or will give advice about how to prevent long-term issues.

Let us help your drains and pipes stay root-free in Los Angeles

Now that you have a better understanding of how root services work, your next step is to give us a call for a free quote. We will work with your schedule and those of the other contractors hired to help with your current drainage or water intake situation. At the end of the day, you will have full confidence in our company because we are fully bonded, insured, and have experience in all of the tasks required to restore the services of your Los Angeles home. Thank you for taking time to read more about our root services, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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