July 20, 2024

Water Heater Issues

Water heaters are some of the most useful appliances inside the house. Water heaters come in different shapes and sizes, and they can be classified based on their designs, either having a teapot-like design or a simple rod or ball that can be placed inside the tub to heat the water inside. Built-in water heaters inside the shower are also a great example of these devices, helping someone to control the temperature coming out of the shower. Water heaters are important, especially during the colder season. However, owners of these devices might occasionally run into problems concerning their water heaters. These are some of the most common water heater issues are how it can be fixed.

One of the most common issues with water heaters would be leakage. The water from the heater might leak from the top, or it might also leak from the bottom. When the water heater produces a leak from the top, one of the pipes must be loose. Other times, the valves must have failed already. You can fix these issues yourself, or you can call a professional plumber for help. Sometimes, there are also issues regarding the water leaks coming from the bottom. If this happens, you would have to check the pipes or the gasket to see if the problem is coming from these parts. Sometimes, the water leaks coming from the bottom part of the water heater resulted from normal condensation.

Sometimes, water heaters would not produce any hot water. This happens because of a failure inside the circuit breaker. It might have been tripped or damaged, and you should check it first to verify what the real cause is. Once the issue has been verified, call a professional plumber for help. Another run around would be checking the limit or reset switch found on the machine’s thermostat because it might have been tripped. Replace it if needed to ensure that hot water would be coming out from the water heater. There are also issues regarding the insufficient amount of water coming out from the shower, and it usually happens during the winter months. Check the thermostat regularly and adjust the temperature to cope with the temperature changes during the winter.

Another issue that is encountered by those who have water heaters inside their homes would be the extreme heat coming from their machines. If the device has been letting out extremely hot water, make sure to close it indefinitely and check the mechanisms inside. One of the most possible reasons would be a broken thermostat. Call a professional plumber and see how the issue can be resolved. If the issue could no longer be fixed and buying a new thermostat is needed, make sure that you will be able to get the opinion from the plumber about which type of thermostat you should buy to avoid future problems.

People who have installed water heaters inside their homes are also noticing that the water can sometimes take forever just to reheat. The recovery time for most water heaters are comparable to their gas counterparts, but the amount of energy needed to heat up water varies per model. Newer models have a more effective approach in heating the water, while the older ones would really have difficulties in reheating the water. Check the heating elements inside the device to make sure that this is not an internal issue. If the water heater’s ability to heat water is gradually declining, consider buying a new model that has a larger tank for holding more water.

Sometimes, water heater users can hear a rattling noise inside their devices. Make sure to check it and see if sediments have already accumulated inside the machine. Another source of noise from the water heaters would be pressure inside the tank, or expanding and contracting water pipes. Hearing noises from the water heaters posed no threat, as it is harmless. But for those who wanted to have a peace of mind, have your machines checked.
Installing and using a water heater is safe and convenient. It also saves a lot of time because the task is simplified for us. All we have to do after the water heater has been installed would be maintaining it properly to avoid breaking it or wearing it.

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